Problems with pitch fibre drains? Choose drain rerounding from Aquablast

After years of constant use, many pitch fibre drain pipes will begin to deteriorate, causing pipes to become warped and misshapen.These deformities can cause various blockages and will eventually lead to the drain becoming unusable and non functional. At Aquablast Drain Services, we offer no-dig pipe re-rounding to reform the inside of your drainage pipes. A re-rounder is winched from the manhole or access point and as it travels inside the drain it re-rounds the pipe and allows a liner to be installed to strengthen the re-rounded original pipe.

Drain Re-lining

What is drain re-lining?
Drain re-lining is the method of inserting a new pipe into an existing damaged pipe where previously this may have involved a costly excavation.
Benefits of drain re-lining:
  • Minimal cost and disruption
  • No costly excavation
  • Performed from small manholes/confined spaces
  • Repair pipes under homes and businesses
  • Resistant to leaks and root intrusion
  • Permanent structural repair
  • Drains can be restored to full working order the same day

Aquablast Drain Services
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