Drain Renewal

Root Cutting

Taking care of your drainage systems

Sometimes when drains are damaged beyond repair an excavation or dig will need to be carried out and the drains and pipework will have to be renewed or replaced. In these circumstances we pride ourselves on making every effort to reinstate any excavated area as closely as possible to their original condition. We can also carry out work inside your home if necessary this work will always be carried out to the highest standard.

Our high standard of reinstatement includes:

When digging through a lawn, we carefully cut the turf, maintaining it while the excavation is taking place, we then re-lay it so that you can hardly see the join. Similarly, plants and shrubs will be carefully lifted and cared for, before being replanted as they were found. 

If digging through concrete, we skillfully blend various sands so that any concrete used in the repairs matches as closely as possible to the original surrounding concrete.

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