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Drain Blockage Report: Bristol BS13 0RL

Case Study Bristol:

Highlighting the Aquablast Drainage Services in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Drain Cleaning Inspection: Report for Bristol

Date: April 2023 Location: Apartment, Bristol BS13 0RL

Call Received: April 2023 Engineer: John Summary: On Friday, a service call was received regarding a drainage issue at the above-mentioned location. Our office staff received the job request and aquablast sent our local Bristol engineer within an hour of the call. The problem was identified as a blockage , obstructing the proper flow of water and waste. The inspection with CCTV further revealed that the blockage extended to the mains waste drainage pipe outside. Engineer Assessment: Upon inspection, it was found that the drainage issue stemmed from a blockage of accumulated waste in the mains drain outside. This blockage was impeding the passage of waste materials from the apartment to the external main waste drain in the gardens. The blockage was causing water to back up, creating a potential for overflow and unpleasant odors. Resolution: To address the issue, the engineer utilized a cctv inspection further into the drainage to assess problem, then the use of a drain jetter to clear the blockage. The drain jetter effectively removed the accumulated debris and obstructions from the drainage system. Subsequently, the drain was tested using water to ensure unobstructed flow. Actions Taken:

  • The blockage was cleared using a drain jetter, ensuring the proper flow of water.

  • A thorough test was conducted to confirm that the blockage had been successfully resolved.

  • Pre-report photographs were taken to document the initial blockage and its extent.

  • The customer was provided with a detailed explanation of the issue and the steps taken to resolve it.


To prevent similar blockages in the future, it is advisable to exercise caution when disposing of food scraps, oils, and grease down the kitchen sink. Regular maintenance of the drainage system is recommended to prevent build-up and potential blockages.

Customer Communication:

The customer was informed about the findings and the steps taken to resolve the issue. Pre-report photographs were shared with the customer to provide visual evidence of the initial blockage and the successful resolution. The customer expressed satisfaction with the prompt response and effective resolution of the drainage problem.


The drainage issue reported at the apartment at Bristol BS13 0RL, it has been successfully resolved during the first visit. The blockage has been cleared, and the drainage system is now functioning as intended. The customer has been provided with pre-report photographs and information about preventing future blockages. Report Prepared By: Aquablast Drain Services Ltd - Local Drain Cleaners/Unblockers in Bristol.


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